3 Emma Drive
Alberton, Prince Edward Island
Tel: (902) 853-2720
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Town Hall - Slogan & Symbols

The slogan of the Town of Alberton is "The Heart of West Prince." It was created by Pat Murphy who served as Mayor from 2004-2006. West Prince refers to the area that makes up the western portion of Prince County. Alberton is located in the middle or 'heart' of this area. Alberton also acts as a service centre for a number of surrounding communities.

Town Crest
The Town Crest is circular in shape bearing the words "Prince Edward Island" and "Canada" on the outer border identifying the province and country in which Alberton is located. The centre has a stylized letter "A" with a fox placed in front of the letter. The fox represents the Silver Fox industry which was an industry that brought great wealth and prominence to Alberton in its earlier days. Beneath the letter is a banner bearing the words "Alberton" and "Inc. 1913" indicating the year Alberton was incorporated as a Town.

Mayor's Chain
The Mayor's Chain is a worn by the Mayor on formal and special occassions. The chain is secured on a dark coloured cloth. Numerous symbols, composed of metal, are on the chain which relate to the history and location of Alberton. These include maple leaves referring to Canada and foxes which pays homage to the Silver Fox industry of Alberton's earlier years. The chain also has the crest of the Province of Prince Edward Island centred at the bottom of the chain. Suspended from the chain is a badge bearing the crest of the Town of Alberton.