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Town Hall - Elections

On Prince Edward Island there is a fixed date for Municipal Elections. The last General Election was held on 3 November, 2014. The next General Election will be held on 5 November, 2018.

In the Town of Alberton, by-elections occur when necessary and the public will be notified well in advance of all of the details of the by-election.
For further information on municipal elections, such as provincial legislation, visit the Elections PEI website.

Election of the Mayor
The Mayor of Alberton is elected from a separate ballot and whichever candidate receives the most votes becomes Mayor.

Election of the Council
Town Councillors are also elected from a separate ballot. The Town is not divided into wards or districts so all Councillors are elected by the citizens as a whole. There are six Council positions and the six candidates who have received the most votes become councillors.

Criteria to be an eligible elector
An individual is considered an eligible elector when they are:
(a) not less than eighteen years of age
(b) a Canadian citizen; and
(c) a resident in the municipality for a period of six months preceding the date of the election.

Criteria to be an eligible candidate for Mayor or Council
To be eligible to run as a candidate, an individual must be:
(a) Not less than 18 years of age;
(b) A Canadian citizen; and
(c) A resident of the Town for a period of one year preceding the date of nominations.