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Alberton, Prince Edward Island
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Town Hall - Committees

The various departments the Town is responsible for are each assigned as the responsibility of a committee of Town Councillors. Currently all Town Councillors sit on each committee with a different Councillor or the Mayor acting as Chair of the respective committee. The committee members meet to discuss and establish policies for that particular department and are required to present a monthly report. Town Staff is responsible for operating the department and ensuring policies are carried out.

Micheal Murphy - Mayor
David Cahill - Deputy Mayor

Economic Development
Councillor Blair Duggan, Chair

Councillor Kelly Williams, Chair

Councillor David Cahill, Chair

Fire and Police
Councillor Alan Curtis, Chair

Public Property & Library
Councillor Connie Bernard, Chair

Recreation & Special Events
Councillor Rosetta Tremblay, Chair

Streets & Sidewalks
Mayor Micheal Murphy, Chair