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Past Mayors and Councils

This list contains the name of every Mayor and Town Councillor that has served since the Town of Alberton was incorporated in 1913.

1913-1915 Mayor John Agnew

William D. White, Charles A. Woodman, James E. Birch,
John P. Fielding, George B. Ellis, Malcolm A. MacNeill
1915-1917 Mayor John Agnew
John T. Profit, James E. Birch, M.M. Foley,
A.C. Green, C.A. Woodman, Robert Rankin
1917-1919 Mayor W.C. Lawson
S.R. Burke, Howard Clark, M.M. Foley,
George Gard, Edgar A. McRae, Edward L. Thomson
1919-1920 Mayor M.M. Foley
John T. Profit, George Gard, J.W. Waugh,
E.O. Barbour, W.D. White, W.C. Lawson
1920-1921 Mayor John T. Profit
W.D. White, W.C. Lawson, J.W. Waugh,
T.C. Bell, M.M. Foley, Herbert Clark
1921-1922 Mayor James E. Birch
Herbert Clark, M.M. Foley, Charles McBeth,
James Whelan, W.R. Oulton, T.C. Bell
1922-1923 Mayor S.R. Burke
W.R. Oulton, Charles McBeth, F.L. Rogers,
George Gard, E.O. Barbour, James Whelan
1923-1924 Mayor James E. Birch
T.C. Bell, F.L. Rogers, Henry Gard,
George Gard, E.O. Barbour, W.D. White
1924-1925 Mayor S.R. Burke
E.O. Barbour, C.R. Profit, C.R.S. Leard,
T.C. Bell, W.D. White, Henry Gard
1925-1926 Mayor S.R. Burke
A.C. Green, C.R.S. Leard, E.O. Barbour,
C.R. Profit, Henry Gard, Phil Bernard
1926-1927 Mayor W.C. Lawson
J.W. Waugh, W.R. Oulton, A.C. Green,
Henry Gard, F.P. Bernard, C.R. Profit
1927-1928 Mayor W.C. Lawson
J.W. Waugh, W.R. Oulton, F.P. Bernard,
A.C. Green, G.H. Hardy, C.R. Profit
1928-1929 Mayor W.C. Lawson
A.C. Green, G.H. Hardy, F.P. Bernard,
C.R. Profit, Everett MacKendrick, George Oliver
1929-1930 Mayor W.C. Lawson
C.R. Profit, Everett MacKendrick, George Oliver,
J.T. Profit, J.W. Whelan, H.W. Brown
1930-1931 Mayor M.M. Foley
J.T. Profit, J.W. Whelan, George Oliver,
Emerson Matthews, Thomas Gass, E.O. Barbour
1931-1932 Mayor M.M. Foley
J.W. Whelan, E.O. Barbour, J.W. Waugh,
Thomas Gass, George Oliver, Emerson Matthews
1932-1933 Mayor M.M. Foley
T.C. Bell, A.C. Green, Herbert Hodgson,
J.W. Waugh, E.O. Barbour, J.W. Whelan
1933-1934 Mayor E.O. Barbour
J.W. Waugh, H.H. Burton, Charles McAlduff,
T.C. Bell, Herbert Hodgson, A.C. Green
1934-1935 Mayor E.O. Barbour
B.A. Profit, Everett MacKendrick, A.C Green,
J.W. Waugh, Emerson Matthews, Charles McAlduff
1935-1936 Mayor S.R. Burke
E.O. Barbour, A.C. Green, Joseph MacMillan,
Emerson Matthews, B.A. Profit, Everett MacKendrick
1936-1937 Mayor T.C. Bell
Charles McAlduff, Everett MacKendrick, E.O. Barbour,
B.A. Profit, Emerson Matthews, Joseph MacMillan
1937-1938 Mayor Emerson Matthews
A.D. Seaman, Joseph MacMillan, E.W. Hardy,
Charles McAlduff, Everett MacKendrick, B.A. Profit
1938-1939 Mayor S.R. Burke
E.W. Hardy, Joseph MacMillan, Everett MacKendrick,
Howard Clark, B.A. Profit, A.D. Seaman
1939-1940 Mayor S.R. Burke
Arthur Wilkie, A.D. Seaman, John Wallace,
B.A. Profit, Everett MacKendrick, Howard Clark
1940-1941 Mayor J.W. Waugh
B.A. Profit, John Wallace, Howard Clark,
A.D. Seaman, Arthur Wilkie, Everett MacKendrick
1941-1942 Mayor J.W. Waugh
A.C. Green, John Wallace, Arthur Wilkie,
Howard Clark, B.A. Profit, Hilton Barbour
1942-1943 Mayor Wilfred Tanton
Hilton Barbour, John Black, B.A. Profit,
Arthur Wilkie, A.C. Green, John Wallace
1943-1944 Mayor Wilfred Tanton
John Black, B.A. Profit, Hilton Barbour,
John Wallace, Arthur Wilkie, H.D. Corbett
1944-1945 Mayor Wilfred Tanton
John Black, B.A. Profit, Hilton Barbour,
John Wallace, Arthur Wilkie, H.D. Corbett
1945-1946 Mayor Wilfred Tanton
John Black, B.A. Profit, Hilton Barbour,
John Wallace, Arthur Wilkie, H.D. Corbett
1946-1947 Mayor Wilfred Tanton
John Wallace, Arthur Wilkie, H.D. Corbett,
John Black, B.A. Profit, Hilton Barbour
1947-1948 Mayor C.R. Profit
H.D. Corbett, W.R. Oulton, Merritt Callaghan,
John Black, Hilton Barbour, B.A. Profit
1948-1949 Mayor C.R. Profit
W.R. Oulton, H.D. Corbett, M.E. Callaghan,
B.A. Profit, J.F. Black, C.H. Weeks
1949-1951 Mayor C.R. Profit
H.S. Matthews, W.R. Oulton, H.D. Corbett,
C.H. Weeks, W.W. Currie, John Moran
1951-1953 Mayor C.R. Profit
C.H. Weeks, H.D. Corbett, S.M. Burke,
J.C. Profit, W.W. Currie, H.S. Matthews
1953-1955 Mayor H.E. Barbour
H.S. Matthews, H.D. Corbett, Earle Atkinson,
D.B. Nicholson, S.M. Burke, J.C. Profit
1955-1957 Mayor H.E. Barbour
H.S. Matthews, D.B. Nicholson, Earle Atkinson,
J.R. Bonyman, S.M. Burke, Perley Hardy
1957-1959 Mayor Herbert S. Matthews
Richard Jeffery, Perley Hardy, J.W.D. Campbell,
Frank Carpenter, J.C. Profit, Clayton Travers
1959-1961 Mayor W.W. Currie
Albert Clarke, Clayton Travers*, J.W.D. Campbell*,
Gerald Rooney, Roy Leard, Richard Jeffery*

*Note: Councillor Clayton Travers was replaced by Justin McAlduff in October, 1959. Councillor J.W.D. Campbell was replaced by Douglas Rix in October, 1959. Councillor Richard Jeffery was replaced by Raigh Callbeck in December, 1959.

1961-1963 Mayor Roy Leard
Albert Clarke, Norman Hardy, Douglas Rix,
Leo O'Meara*, Charles Gordon, Cedric Hunter

*Note: Councillor Leo O'Meara was replaced by Arthur MacRae in April, 1962.

1963-1965 Mayor Roy Leard
Charles Gordon, J.C. Profit, Arthur MacRae,
Wesley Hardy, Douglas Rix*, Vernon Hudson*

*Note: Councillor Douglas Rix was replaced by Frank MacNeill in December, 1963. Councillor Vernon Hudson was replaced by Walter Millman in January, 1964.

1965-1967 Mayor Roy Leard
Charles Gordon, Arthur MacRae, Frank MacNeill,
Frank Weeks, Wesley Hardy, Raigh Callbeck
1967-1969 Mayor Roy Leard
Arthur MacRae, Frank MacNeill, Frank Weeks,
Raigh Callbeck, Thomas Barbour, Wesley Hardy
1969-1971 Mayor Roy Leard
Thomas Barbour, Frank MacNeill, Frank Weeks,
Arthur MacRae, Wesley Hardy, Charles Gordon
1971-1973 Mayor Roy Leard
Charles Gordon, Dean Carpenter, Frank MacNeill,
Arthur MacRae, Wesley Hardy, Thomas Barbour
1973-1975 Mayor Roy Leard
Thomas Barbour, Frank MacNeill, Charles Gordon,
Dean Carpenter, Wesley Hardy, R.D. MacKinnon
1975-1977 Mayor Roy Leard
R.D. MacKinnon, Frank Weeks, Frank MacNeill,
Perley Hardy, Hector MacLeod, J.E. Tremblay
1977-1979 Mayor Roy Leard
J.E. Tremblay, Hector MacLeod, Perley Hardy,
Frank MacNeill, Frank Weeks, R.D. MacKinnon
1979-1981 Mayor Hector MacLeod
Frank Weeks, R.D. MacKinnon, Dean Carpenter,
Hilton Barbour Jr., Wayne Shea, Leslie C. Hardy
1981-31 Dec. 1982 Mayor Hector MacLeod
Hilton Barbour, Dean Carpenter, Leslie Hardy,
Wayne Shea, Beth McRae, Frank Weeks
1 Jan. 1983-31 Dec. 1984 Mayor Hector MacLeod
Leslie Hardy, Beth McRae, Gordon Champion,
William Essery, Wayne Shea, Frank Weeks
1 Jan. 1985-31 Dec. 1987 Mayor Hector MacLeod
Gordon Champion, William Essery, Leslie Hardy,
Beth McRae, Wayne Shea, Frank Weeks
1 Jan. 1988-31 Dec. 1990 Mayor Hector MacLeod*
Frank Weeks, Myles Getson, Wayne Shea,
David Cahill, Gordon Champion, Bonnie Barbour

*Note: Beth McRae replaced Hector MacLeod as Mayor in 1989. Mayor McRae was the first woman to hold the position of Mayor of Alberton.

1 Jan. 1991-31 Dec. 1993 Mayor Hector MacLeod*
Gordon Champion, Leslie Hardy, David Cahill,
Myles Getson, Beth McRae, Michael DesRoches*

*Note: Perry Morrell replaced Councillor Michael DesRoches in October, 1992. Leslie Hardy replaced Hector MacLeod as Mayor in May, 1993.

1 Jan. 1994-31 Dec. 1996 Mayor Leslie Hardy
David Campbell*, Joseph W. Foley, Frank White,
Claude Gavin*, Perry Morrell, Myles Getson

Note: Councillor David Campbell served from January, 1994 until June, 1995 when he resigned. He was replaced by Hilton Barbour in August, 1995. Councillor Claude Gavin resigned in December, 1995 and was replaced by David Campbell who returned to serve from January, 1996 to December 31, 1996.

1 Jan. 1997-31 Dec. 2000 Mayor David Campbell
Beverley Ashley, Hilton Barbour, Myles K. Getson*,
Fenton Jeffery, David Cahill, Craig Oliver

Note: Councillor Myles K. Getson served as Deputy Mayor until his death on April 29, 2000. Councillor David Cahill was appointed Deputy Mayor in May, 2000. Due to the amalgamation of other municipalities, the Prince Edward Island Municipal Elections were set back one year. Therefore, this term lasted one more year than usual.

1 Jan. 2001-31 Dec. 2003 Mayor David Campbell
David Cahill, Craig Oliver, Fenton Jeffery,
Keith Peters, Pat Murphy, Larry Profit
1 Jan. 2004-31 Dec. 2006 Mayor Pat Murphy
Glenn Adams, David Cahill, Alan Curtis,
Shane Gillis, Fenton Jeffery, Larry Profit*

*Note: Councillor Larry Profit resigned on 18 August, 2005. Following a by-election on 21 November, 2005, Kelly Dawn Oliver was elected to Town Council.

1 Jan. 2007-16 Nov. 2009 Mayor Perry Morrell
Alan Curtis, Shane Gillis, Fenton Jeffery,
Kelly Dawn Oliver, John Smith, Scott Wilson
16 Nov. 2009-19 Nov. 2012 Mayor Micheal Murphy
David Cahill, David Campbell, Alan Curtis,
Claudia Gallant, Shane Gillis, Krystyna Pottier
19 Nov. 2012-14 Nov. 2014 Mayor Micheal Murphy
David Cahill, David Campbell, Blair Duggan,
Natasha Dunn, Claudia Gallant, Krystyna Pottier
14 Nov. 2014-5 Dec. 2018 Mayor Micheal Murphy
Connie Bernard, David Cahill, Alan Curtis,
Blair Duggan, Rosetta Tremblay, Kelly Williams
6 Dec. 2018-14 Nov. 2022 Mayor David Gordon
Connie Bernard*, Donald Bernard*, David Cahill*,
Blair Duggan, Claudia Gallant*, Kelly Williams

*Note: Councillor David Cahill resigned effective 11 June, 2019. Councillor Connie Bernard resigned effective 28 June, 2019. Councillor Donald Bernard and Councillor Claudia Gallant resigned effective 30 June, 2019.
A by-election was scheduled to occur on 9 September, 2019. At the close of nominations on 23 August, 2019 a total of 5 nominations were received, however, one candidate withdrew on 3 September, 2019. Therefore, Chester Adams, Alan Curtis, Micheal Murphy, and Mary Jean O'Brien were elected by acclamation.

14 Nov. 2022-present Mayor David Gordon*
Chester Adams, Alan Curtis, Blair Duggan,
Krista Murphy, Mary Jean O'Brien, Brian Poirier

*Note: David Gordon served as Mayor until his death on 25 March 2023. Deputy Mayor Blair Duggan was appointed as Acting Mayor and Councillor Alan Curtis was appointed Acting Deputy Mayor.